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  1. KEYS used to gain physical access to the building or office space remain our property, and cannot be duplicated. You will be liable for replacement fees should any such property be lost, stolen or destroyed.

  2. CONTACT INFORMATION: You shall promptly update member profiles in the portal with any change to your contact and payment information.

  3. PROPERTY: Members must take good care of all office equipment and furnishings and not alter any part of it.

  4. ENTRANCES AND EXITS: the member cannot leave open any exit doors. For security reasons, if the member does so, it will be at the member’s own risk. All halls, stairways and elevator areas cannot be obstructed by the member.

  5. EMPLOYEES AND GUESTS: The member’s employees and guests shall conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  6. PHONE CALLS: Please be mindful of your surroundings when on the phone in common areas so as to not disturb others or unwillingly share your confidential information.

  7. NIGHTS: Work is permitted 24/7/365, however, sleeping arrangements cannot be made at the link.

  8. ANIMALS: are not allowed in the building, other than certified assistance animals which are being used solely for that purpose. 

  9. KITCHEN AMENITIES: The breakroom areas are to be kept clean and in orderly condition at all times. Dishware must be promptly placed in the dishwasher and not left on the counter/sink.

  10. LOCKS: No additional locks or bolts of any kind shall be placed on doors.

  11. SMOKING is prohibited in all areas within 25 feet of the link property.

  12. SOLICITING in the building is strictly NOT allowed. 

  13. SIGNAGE is not allowed on office doors, walls or any areas inside the offices that are visible to people out of the office. This includes visible signage or banners that can be seen from outside the office.

  14. We will provide notice to you of any changes to services, fees or other updates by emailing the email addresses provided by you. It is your responsibility to read such emails and ensure your members are aware of any changes, even if we notify such members directly;

  15. You will provide us with reasonable notice of and complete all required paperwork prior to hosting any event at the link.

  16. You grant us permission to use your name, trademark and/or logo to identify you as a member of the link. 

  17. No member will use the office space in a “retail,” “medical” or other nature involving frequent visits by members of the public.

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