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Member Introduction

Welcome to ‘the link' an innovation and activity hub located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, in the growing area of Nocatee. 


We will be the community's front porch and a one-of-a-kind venue of thought, productivity, and human development by providing solutions and space for people to thrive holistically. Our vision is to foster and facilitate creative and fulfilling interactions for each of our members across all age groups who will come to ‘the link’ to Learn-Play-Think-Do. 


We are a membership based organization, so every person who takes part and enjoys 'the link' will first join as a member of ‘the link' to access our online platform and sign-up for receiving any member benefits based on what they want to do at ‘the link’. There are many perks that our members can receive instantly, providing significant savings on a range of products and services from local small businesses and online platforms. 


There will be several tiers of memberships from Founders to General, which will provide different offerings to best fit our member's lifestyle, team size etc. and their interests in use of ‘the link'. 


Members will pay an annual fee based on what tier they select or if they are joining as a family or individual. For example , 'the link' we are launching a General Membership, which allows you to access our online platform, receive public benefits, and book classes, activities, drop-in child care, or spaces. 


At launch, the general membership fee will be billed annually for Individuals and Families for the first 500 members making ‘the link’ accessible to everyone in our community. We will offer tier upgrades as we get closer to our grand opening. 


With a general membership, you are now officially a part of ‘the link' and will have the opportunity to directly take part in 'the link' and its offerings such as meeting rooms, lobby event space, desks, future events and activities, and more. 


Our team can't wait to welcome you into our beautiful space that is built for the future! 

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