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Rohan & Andre

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Do you want to build something, solve a problem, or make the world better? 

From Cornell University’s Department of Physics, Andre Alvarez and Rohan Misra will equip you with tools to jump-start your STEM career.


You will leave this 5-week accelerated course with a better intuition and understanding of Mathematics, Classical Physics, Computer Science, Problem Solving, Engineering Principles and so much more.


Class meets from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from July 12th to August 14th.

Name: From Newton to Einstein: Physics for Future Engineers

Starting On: July 12th

3 sessions of 3 hours per week (MWF)


$900 per course

Size: 6 - 15 Students

Age: 14+ (Petition Allowed)

Prerequisites: Geometry (Required)

Algebra II (Recommended)

Interest in Math and Physics (Required)

An Enjoyment of Puzzle Solving (Required)

Meet The Team

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Rohan Misra 

  • 3rd year Undergraduate at Cornell University pursuing a Major in Physics with Honors

  • Undergraduate Researcher with the CERN Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment

  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the Cornell Physics Department

  • 2 semester Dean’s List recipient in the Cornell‘s College of Arts and Sciences

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Andre Alvarez

  • 3rd year Undergraduate at Cornell University pursuing a Major in Applied and Engineering Physics and a Minor in Computer Science

  • Extensive one on one tutoring experience in Math and Physics

  • 4 semester Dean’s List recipient in the Cornell’s College of Engineering

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