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Local CEO inspires students at EnterCircle Youth Symposium

This past week, DYNE Hospitality Group CEO and Co-Founder Nick Crouch inspired students at EnterCircle 2023. EnterCircle Summit was established at the link in 2021 to inspire, connect, educate, and cultivate entrepreneurship across Northeast Florida. The dates coincide with the Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is from November 13-19 2023. This year’s theme was “Thrive with Purpose,” as attendees heard from over 25 community leaders on how they found purpose in the work that they do.

Crouch spoke about his journey with DYNE Hospitality Group and how their work led them to own the most Tropical Smoothie Cafes in the United States. DYNE Hospitality Group’s mission to create opportunities for others while also providing exceptional service in their cafes is a testament to a community-centered approach to business. The importance of community and “investing in others” was threaded throughout Crouch’s presentation, where he spoke about the core values and the DYNE DYFFERENCE. Crouch concluded his presentation with a call to action, urging the students to not only strive, but to relentlessly pursue excellence. He implored them to work hard, be consistent, and tenacious. Crouch reminded each student of their potential to be a great leader, emphasizing that their true leadership potential would be realized by extending a helping hand to others, fostering collaboration, and upholding the highest standards of integrity.

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