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EnterCircle 2022 coming up quickly

By Shaun Ryan

Anyone who has any interest in business, entrepreneurship or simply making things happen in the marketplace will want to be at the link in mid-November for the second annual EnterCircle Summit.

This three-day event will feature more than 50 speakers and successful business professionals and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded thinkers to develop new ideas and strengthen existing business endeavors.

“The intent of it is to celebrate entrepreneurship,” said link co-founder Gurpreet Misra.

But one does not have to own a business or even be a boss to benefit from the summit. One simply has to have the spirit of the entrepreneur.

“You are an innovator, an initiator or a key team member who wants to move the needle,” Misra said in describing summit participants.

To learn more about EnterCircle Symposium 2022 or to get tickets, go to

Anyone who’s ever considered striking out on their own and becoming their own boss would find the symposium both useful and inspiring.

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