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Future in___ 2022

"Future in ------" series is an attempt by CEO of the link, Raghu Misra, to engage and inform our community how industries are adapting to modern world challenges by adopting new technologies. We, as parents and students -- everybody -- will be impacted by these changes. Come and join these conversations at the link. We are starting our first session on How to Manage Cybersecurity and Cyberbullying on Jan 19th, followed by Blockchain on Jan 26th.

Future in Smart Buildings Join us on a journey to explore the rapidly changing world of various industries, technologies, and market segments. Meet experts in various fields who will share their insights with you, while we all get a taste of what it might be like if certain professions or careers became more appealing than others! Usman K. Shuja Timothy Miscovich Matias Klein.

Educational innovation is a process that implies a change in teaching and is based on four fundamental elements: people, knowledge, processes and technology. It is no longer about a group of passive students, but a joint learning process in which everyone is active, both students and teachers. Don’t miss the opportunities to interact and join these conversations at the link. Come and learn from: Kevin Davenport, teacher at St Johns County Schools, Venkates Swaminathan, Founder & CEO - Life Launchr and Kotesh Govindaraju, EduTech.

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to interact and learn from experts about the Future in Esports? Now, you don't have to go far to have the chance. the link and Sapna Foundation are launching their new series Future in____ . Each Wednesday we will be exploring and learning about different industries from renowned innovators and experts in the field. This unique opportunity gives entrepreneurs, executives, and students the chance to discover the challenges different industries face and understand what has driven many of them to develop new technologies and business models. This Esports discussion will be centered on the Future of Esports and Education, as a follow up to our Future in Education Talks. Esports promotes teamwork and communication, develops communities and provides college and career pathways in line with the traditional sports industry. Let's discuss de-stigmatizing the old-school thoughts about what it means to play video games and create a paradigm shift in how we "learn, play, think, and do" during the information and technology driven era. We will hear from industry experts about how they think esports will shape itself in the future and how it is being played in current time.

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