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Marketing leader serves elder law and estate planning attorneys

Posted Thursday, November 3, 2022 12:00 am

By Shaun Ryan

For attorneys practicing in elder law and estate planning, it isn’t enough to have the requisite education and expertise. Reaching the population most needing those services is critical to success.

And that relies on effective marketing, which requires that the person or firm providing it appreciates the nuances of that particular field. Perhaps too frequently, attorneys will employ a marketing company that serves a diverse clientele and may employ the same approach it uses with the local grocery store or automotive repair facility.

That’s where Bambiz Marketing stands apart.

“The reason that we’re really popular with the elder law and estate planning firms is because we only work with them,” said Bambiz founder Jim Blake.

Another difference between Bambiz and other marketing agencies is that Blake’s company doesn’t tie its clients to long-term contracts.

“Our contract is: You’re going to like working with us so much that you’re not going to want to quit,” Blake said.

In other words, Bambiz has to produce results to ensure its own future success.

The five-person agency provides digital marketing for attorneys across the nation, managing websites, lead generation, social media and other types of online services. Most of the agency’s clients call upon Bambiz to fill events, such as presentations at hotels and community centers where attorneys offer important information regarding wills and trusts, avoiding probate, privacy and more.

Some attorneys approach Bambiz simply seeking content for blogs, newsletters or social media. It saves the attorney time.

Others want help with search engine optimization to increase online traffic or lead generation, getting their message to the desired population.

And some attorneys prefer to turn over all marketing to Bambiz because they want to focus on practicing law.

Building a business

The roots of Bambiz (which stands for Blake Advertising and Marketing Business) go back to Blake’s decade doing marketing and sales for the world’s largest tire and rubber company, Bridgestone Corp. He had earned a degree in business and communications from Illinois State University in 2007, and discovered he had an interest in helping businesses to grow.

At first, he managed Bridgestone products at large companies but was later moved from Chicago to Tampa, where he worked with independent retailers.

At the time, his wife worked for companies that presented educational events for lawyers. She suggested that he could help these lawyers with their marketing.

He agreed but offered his services for free because he wanted to get educated in the field before charging a fee. Soon, it became apparent that he really knew his stuff because his efforts on behalf of these lawyers succeeded.

“It was just one of those things in life where you’re like: Wow, I guess this is where I was meant to be,” he said.

Friends suggested that he charge for his work, so in 2016 he left his job and replaced his salary supplying marketing for attorneys. He became educated in elder law and estate planning and today has amassed enough knowledge that he said he could probably run one of the educational workshops himself.

And his hard work has paid off. Bambiz is now one of the top marketing agencies for elder law and estate planning attorneys.

The link

Bambiz has been with the link since it opened its doors in Nocatee in 2021.

Blake and his family had moved to Northeast Florida from Miami, where he had an office at WeWork, a provider of co-working spaces.

When he heard that the link – a business incubator, co-working space and community centerpiece that offers a variety of programs – would soon open, he made inquiries and was pleased with what he learned.

He started by acquiring a dedicated desk at the new facility.

“I liked it so much that I upgraded to the office,” he said.

One appeal of the link is its propinquity. It’s close enough to his home that Blake can walk to work, or ride a golf cart or scooter there.

“I can get back and forth between my house and here in less than five minutes,” he said.

The link, located at 425 Town Plaza Ave., also offers a lot of fun activities, and Blake said his daughter has participated in its Kids Night Out, while he has taken her to the Daddy-Daughter Dances.

“It’s pretty cool,” Blake said. “My daughter knows I work here, but she also knows that she has fun times playing here.”

To learn more about Bambiz, go to To learn more about the link, go to

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