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Teenage sisters in Ponte Vedra run their own dance studio

The Hughes sisters, who are 15 and 16, opened their own dance studio last fall.

Author: Mekena Rodriguez

Published: 8:21 AM EDT August 30, 2022

Updated: 9:28 AM EDT August 30, 2022

NOCATEE, Fla. — Ponte Vedra competitive dancers, Reilly and Madison Hughes opened their very own dance studio last fall, 'Level-Up Dance'.

“We started in November with just teaching a couple of classes, a tumbling class and a jazz class," Reilly said.

All of a sudden our classes just started filling up," Madison said.

Their business adventure started with the help of Ragu and Gurpreet Misra, the owners of 'The Link' in Nocatee, where the studio is located. As Level-Up grew, Misra allowed the teens to move to a bigger space in the building, adding hardwood flooring and portable dance mirrors.

Reilly says they started with just three students and quickly grew to more than 70 even adding a competition team to the mix.

We were super excited to be able to start a team and give our years of training and to be able to teach all these young dancers," Reilly said. "We do jazz, hip hop, tap ballet we cover a lot of the different genres.

At just 16 and 15 years old the sisters run the show.

It's really cool we get to make up dances for our competition team we get to do everything together. It's kind of like what we’ve always wanted to do it just came a lot sooner than we thought it would come," Madison said.

I have to give a lot of credit to my mom she's my momager she helps a lot and so does my sister," Reilly said.

Madison says they may be young but they know what they're doing.

I think that’s what makes it so much fun is that we have a really close bond with all of our students we are so close in age it's kind of like a sisterly bond," Madison said. “We know the music that’s trending, we know the dances that are trending, and we kind of put our own spin on that here at level up so they’re learning new and relevant stuff and adding a little flare to it.

To learn more about Level-Up Dance click here.

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